This exhibition concept celebrates the world of antique postcards and explores the people, places, and stories they represent. Situated in Sheffield’s former post office, this exhibition examines the messages that once passed through the building and the moments we choose to collect.

Preloved/Postloved is a design proposal for an immersive showcase of collected correspondence as well as a series of interactive displays presenting new perspectives on community, sentimentality and relationships. It is centred around antique postcards, exhibiting them as art objects but also as snapshots of moments in the past. By interrogating these messages, visitors are prompted to examine the way they communicate and are invited to play an active part in this reflection by sending postcards of their own.

The project was developed through collage visualisations of immersive elements, exhibition branding, and displays. The interactive elements were realised as postcards that, once sent, can be split in half by the recipient and used to send a response. These responses are pre-addressed to the head post office and would be put on display as reflections of 21st century communications.
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